Water and Why the Body Can’t Live Without It

It is a fairly well known fact that the human body is comprised mainly of water. Most of the body’s vital organs are primarily water. The lungs are around 83% water, the heart is approximately 73% water and even skin is about 64% water. In fact, approximately 55-60% of the entire human adult body is made up of water. As a result, the human body craves water, and it must be hydrated on a constant basis in order to maintain a whole host of bodily functions. Water is needed for relatively simple functions such as forming saliva to aid in digestion, as well as lubricating the various joints throughout the body. Water is also critical to brain functions such as the manufacture of hormones and neurotransmitters, and acting as a shock absorber for the brain and spinal cord. With regard to system regulation, water helps to flush the body of waste products, especially in the form of urine, helps to regulate body temperature via sweating, and keeps the body’s mucosal membranes moist. Two of its most important functions are not even visible to the naked eye. Helping to deliver oxygen throughout the body, and allowing cells to grow and reproduce.  You may also read this beautiful articles.

Without water for an extended period of time, the human body begins to break down quickly and substantially. At most, a person can go 5-7 days without water before dehydration will lead to death. However, before then a lack of water will cause a number of horrible effects on the body. A decrease in body water by as little as 2% will affect coordination and concentration and can cause headaches or even cramping. Higher dehydration levels of 3-4% will result in physiological changes such as increase body temperature and heart rate, and at the very worst delusions. Although most foods and all drinks, including coffee and juice, contain water, fresh water is the best source for hydrating the human body and maintaining a proper chemical balance. People should drink water throughout the day in order to prevent the onset of thirst or worse, dehydration. Although it is possible to drink too much water and therefore decrease needed sodium levels, it is rare condition especially when compared to the debilitating effects of dehydration. Find out healthy and Fitness tips here.

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Petland Credit Card

Petland credit card is a card that helps in line of credit that one may like to use in our enterprise which can be done online through the internet for all the pet’s services one may need.For one to have a petland credit card he/she must open an account online and bound to some agreements as required and within very less time have an account of your own. When opening an membership account so as to obtain the petland credit card there are some procedure one is supposed to follow so that the application can be approved and also some needed information about yourself; your correct name, the birth date and social security number.Also when applying for this credit card one should know that there are some agreements that should be bound with and these agreements gives the features and makeup of the credit card and they are not at all complicated so to make the holder understand the card well.

The card has some advantages to those already using it and these advantages are like high rate of annual purchase, make purchases online, one gets rewards in terms of how he/she is using the card to purchase the products available and also one is given privileges to report incase the card is stolen or has got lost and issued with other new card.

Before one has started using the card he/she is supposed to sign it for personal safety and after this, one can enjoy all the benefits that are provided alongsideposessing this card, the signature is not a required requirement to make any payment in the account. If one fails to comply with the required practices and with the card it can lead to cancellation of card, privileges coming with the petland credit card can be canceled and also the account being closed thus forbidding any other transactions/operations on the account.

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The reason why you need to try electric toothbrush

Convenience- the reason why you need to try electric toothbrush

Oral dental care is a fundamental aspect of good health. However, good oral practices need to be inculcated in all ages from childhood to the elderly. Moreover, the application of force on the teeth can cause unimaginable levels of injury to an individual.

When choosing an effective toothbrush, the first thing you will want to know is if the thing is as convenient as you may need. The ease of life is one of the reasons why the electric toothbrush is attracting all the attention.

The manner, in which the electric toothbrush is made to work, makes its functionality even better. For instance, the oscillating power of majority of the toothbrushes is made in such a way that you get to eliminate a lot of plaque from your teeth without having to apply a lot of energy.

The cleaning of the hard to reach areas of the teeth is also another reason why the electric toothbrush goes beyond the manual toothbrush. This is even made better with children whose ability to brush may be limited. The brushes oscillate freely, ending up cleaning the teeth with minimal effort.

The use of electric toothbrush is rather healthy. The oscillations ensure cleaner tongue and whiter teeth as compared to the manual toothbrush. In addition, Most electric toothbrushes are easy to service and therefore does not involve a lot of know how. The ease of replacement also guarantees good health to the individual user.

The most convenient part of an electric tooth brush is that most of them have a sensor alert, this is meant to inform the user when the brushing is over and avoids over brushing. The sensor also keeps the individual safe from any injury which may arise from such over brushing.

The manner in which the electric toothbrush is made to function and the ease at which it makes the oral care look, are the two major reasons why its use is growing by the day. Most of the oral care health workers recommend its use, it may be that link you need for better convenient smile experience.

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Benefits in using latissimus dorsi breast reconstruction

The need for breast
enhancement has in the recent past become one of the most appreciated medical procedures.
latissimus dorsi breast reconstruction is one of the methods that have
developed over the years. Done for medical or cosmetic purposes, the process involves
use of surgical implants and/or autogenous tissue transfer.

The main advantage of breast
reconstruction with latissimus dorsi is an effective way to enhance breast
symmetry more so for patients who have undergone surgery due to breast cancer. In
this way, both breasts are reshaped to have equal sizes and shapes thereby
increasing individuals esteem and overall body symmetry. This is done using
individual body tissues hence giving no need for donors unless in very rare
cases where the patient may lack adequate tissues for the purpose. As such, a feeling
of normal tissue and consistence is maintained by the patient. Read more »

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Ebola Zombie

Since the outbreak of the Ebola virus in some countries in Africa, there have been wild stories about people who had been confirmed dead by scientists after being infected only to resurrect later. The term’ Ebola Zombie’ was first coined when two women who were going to be buried suddenly resurrected. A third incident happened in Liberia when a man who was going to be cremated suddenly came back to life after being declared dead a few hours earlier.Pictures of the alleged Ebola Zombie were to be released later on the Big American News Site in September. Read more »

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