Benefits in using latissimus dorsi breast reconstruction

The need for breast
enhancement has in the recent past become one of the most appreciated medical procedures.
latissimus dorsi breast reconstruction is one of the methods that have
developed over the years. Done for medical or cosmetic purposes, the process involves
use of surgical implants and/or autogenous tissue transfer.

The main advantage of breast
reconstruction with latissimus dorsi is an effective way to enhance breast
symmetry more so for patients who have undergone surgery due to breast cancer. In
this way, both breasts are reshaped to have equal sizes and shapes thereby
increasing individuals esteem and overall body symmetry. This is done using
individual body tissues hence giving no need for donors unless in very rare
cases where the patient may lack adequate tissues for the purpose. As such, a feeling
of normal tissue and consistence is maintained by the patient. Read more »

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Ebola Zombie

Since the outbreak of the Ebola virus in some countries in Africa, there have been wild stories about people who had been confirmed dead by scientists after being infected only to resurrect later. The term’ Ebola Zombie’ was first coined when two women who were going to be buried suddenly resurrected. A third incident happened in Liberia when a man who was going to be cremated suddenly came back to life after being declared dead a few hours earlier.Pictures of the alleged Ebola Zombie were to be released later on the Big American News Site in September. Read more »

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